Piano Lessons & Music Education

Mark with student

Providing excellence in education for 22 years.

Teaching piano, composition and musicianship skills are a very important part of my musical life.
It has been suggested by some students and their parents that I would be considered the ideal instructor for the serious beginner of any age.
One parent said of my classes;  “… taking music lessons with Mark is serious fun…”
While my approach is very academic and conservatory orientated I also believe that music can be approached with good nature allowing for the beginning student to explore his or her own need for musical self expression without compromising the serious efforts necessary to achieving sincere musical goals.
I am able to take students from the very beginning into the intermediate-advanced musical literature such as the Beethoven sonatas, Preludes and Fugues of Bach as well as music of the Romantic and Modern periods.
This also includes introducing students to jazz and the popular music of the day.
Many of my students have gone on to receive high scores in regional evaluations, scholarships as well as numerous performances in their community.

For more information regarding lessons or any questions you might about your or your child’s music education please contact me at:
(612) 242-8120   or

Reviews as instructor,

“When my son, Andrew, Progressed to private lessons with Mark, his abilities soared.  Andrew looked forward to his weekly lessons, and I am convinced that his piano lessons not only kept him interested in his other subjects in school, they also placed him well above his peers when he joined the school orchestra.
His piano abilities have earned him consistent rating of “1” art solo-ensemble festivals. 
In addition, he is frequently called up to provide piano accompaniment to other soloists, accompany his and the other high school orchestras in their performances, and has played background music at community events…”
Mary S.

“Since Julie has started lessons, I have been thrilled with Mark’s instruction and method of teaching children.  Julie has learned so much in just a few short months.  Mark’s method of teaching has inspired Julie.  I never have to ask her to practice…”
Linda V

“We appreciate Mr. Gottlieb’s disciplined and caring approach where he expects and drives excellence with children and parents.  We believe in hard work and accountability and are doing our best to prepare our children for the ever increasing challenges of the world.
We believe Mr. Gottlieb shares these values.  He expects people to practice properly, take their efforts seriously, and come prepared and ready to listen, learn and respond with confidence.
He positively reinforces children when they do their best and guides them to improve when they need it.  We enjoy his sense of humor and how he works with children to motivate, challenge, and develop their abilities…”

Regina V.

"Mark has an amazing ability to connect with children. My son started taking lessons from Mark four years ago when he was age 4. Mark has constantly adapted his teaching style to give him the best possible music education. My son is a high energy child and through the years Mark has displayed his capacity for patience and discipline while still making the learning process fun. These traits have allowed my child to succeed musically and become a more confident musician."

Brian R