And Summers Lasted 1000 Years

“…and Summers Lasted 1000 Years” tells the story of an Old Man who,
knowing he is on his last day, searches his heart hoping to find
In classic storyteller fashion the narrator and singers recounts the
events of the Old Man’s life as they cascade before the audience from
his most recent recollections on towards his earliest childhood
As he struggles to make sense of his long life, to find an ultimate
meaning to his joys and sufferings, we begin to see all that he had
learned of religion, science, and the wisdom he has gained thru his
many years of living cannot stand up in the face of his coming death
and its mystery.
As the shell of his intellectual knowledge and the understanding of
his spiritual self break into pieces, we see what remains is a far
more potent and enduring force.
We discover that what has truly sustained him through out his long
life has been a completely naked and innocent childlike joy and
wonderment in the universe and it’s mysteries, without need of
explanation or reason.

(the text to “La Princesa de Primavera” and “Of Love” was written by Benny Cruz)

These audio files are from a live performance in collaboration with
the Macomb Ballet Company