Attack of the Schmeegies

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The Attack of the Schmeegies and Other Musical Nightmares
Music and Story by Mark Gottlieb
Artwork by John Sauer

The Attack of the Schmeegies and Other Musical Nightmars are a set of short piano pieces for beginning piano students.
These pieces were originally composed to help motivate my beginning piano students who were struggling with specific technical issues such as scales, hand shifts, reading rhythms and accidentals quickly as well as expressive playing.
The idea in each case was to create a song just unique enough so each student would make it their own. And in every case they did.
Each piece also includes a narrative that, along with the wonderful graphics, follows the notes and allows for friends and family to read along with the performance creating a musical comic book experience.

This performance on YouTube was by my 8 year old student Will.


My 10 year old son had taken lessons for a couple years. Though he liked his teacher, his learning was limited and practice had become a half-hour argument. Not wanting to give up, I searched for another teacher – one who could make great connections with kids. Thank goodness we found Mark. One of the biggest “hooks” Mark has created for both of my kids is his personally composed songs in the Monster series. Both kids believe the songs were composed just for them (and they were, of course!). They love the cartoons and lyrics and the tunes speak their language. They felt privileged to “get” to play “their song”, and motivated to master them. They heard the Attack of the Smeegies performed by another student at their recital and both of my kids were begging for the music. Imagine a child who has been “checked out” now looking forward to learning a new song! A success worth touting! Buy this book, the songs are a wonderful motivator to learn skills that launch them forward.
Paige G. June 13 2012